By the time I’m typing this, there will be another 6 hours 40 minutes before launching of WWDC18. So what is WWDC? It stands for Worldwide Developers Conference. It’s an annual conference held by Apple Inc. to showcase its new software and technologies for software developers. This year 2018 conference will be held in San Jose, California with estimated attendees around 5,000-5,200.

So what do I expect from this year conference? From rumours circulating there will be few items that Apply definitely update.

  • iPad Pro
    The recent upgrade on the entry-level iPad definitely raising the bar for the iPad Pro. Bezeless design, better camera and also processor something I’m looking forward to. At the same time, face ID might be introduced in this year model.
  • MacBook Pro
    Apple for sure will fix the current issue they have with their previous MacBook/ MacBook Pro keyboard. No doubt it’s a beautiful keyboard but it’s poorly designed when it comes to durability. At the same time current MBP processor totally years behind from others Windows laptop and I read somewhere that MBP RAM also will get a boost up to 32GB
  • MacBook Air
    For me this still one of the most practical laptop Apple have in their current lineup. Standard connectivity (USB3, thunderbolt) slim design, and very practical for a person like me. Certain part iPad / iPad Pro can’t even replace a laptop. Tell me how you gonna do web design on iPad Pro. Yeah, you still can. I did it before with my iPad Mini2, but certain task you can execute it faster on a laptop. For me this the part where the MacBook Air fit into people like me a freelancer or remote worker. We don’t want to carry around 15″ laptop everywhere we go and I feel the 11″MacBook Air just nice for a meeting, presentation and even travel.
  • Mac Pro
    Oh, this another product that needs an update. In my personal opinion for years Apple is neglecting their Mac Pro and MBP series. They focus too much on their mobile devices which understood. But at the moment I’m not sure what kind of update coming for the Mac Pro lineup.
  • And so the rest…
    From other resources I read, iOS 12 will make its debut, plus new TV OS and 2nd generation iPhone SE. Yup, I really hope for a new iPhone SE. Time for an upgrade from the current SE I have now.
    If you want to know more about WWDC18 you can Read Apple’s official press release announcing 2018’s WWDC by clicking the link below. At the same time, you can go to other resources such as macrumors and iMore.
    Now need to make sure I have that pack of coffee to help me stay awake during the event 🙂

Apple’s official press release announcing 2018’s WWDC

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